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About Us

An estimated 41 million Americans are living in floodplain areas. RES anticipates that home elevation services will soon be incentivized and/or required in many coastal areas.

RES is a team of entrepreneurs who transform industries through contractor training, franchising models, and working in partnership with specialists in disaster recovery and home elevation. Our vision is to make coastal home elevation and flood mitigation services work for you by providing an innovative offering that bundles home elevation with reduced premium flood insurance and affordable financing through a one-source solution.

About Us

Elevation and Floodproofing

Elevation and Floodproofing Elevation and Floodproofing
Florida’s coastline is the longest in the continental US, over 1200 miles. As of the last census, 14.5 million Floridians reside along the coast.

Based in West Palm Beach, Florida, with projects all around the coast, the RES team in Florida are specialists in flood risk evaluation, construction, home elevation and flood-proofing design.

RES is conducting preliminary surveys in several Florida counties, and offers guidance to potential customers on financing, utilizing reduced premium flood insurance, favorable financing through our banking partners and access to State and local grants.

Partnered with AON Risk Solutions, we are designing innovative custom financing opportunities to address the needs of homeowners in diverse coastal locations, from Miami to West Palm Beach, Naples to Tampa and the Panhandle.

We are experienced with local design specifications and building codes, and our emergency management team keep us apprised of what’s coming regarding flood map changes. Whether your flood protection needs include home elevations, move-backs, exfiltration work, bolstering of foundation, flood-proofing or roof improvements, we can help you prepare for the next extreme weather event.

Solutions Team

Katie Carpenter

Senior Advisor

Katie is a climate change communication specialist. Having worked in environmental television for several decades, she now focuses on media and government relations for RES.

Timothy Benitz

Solutions Partner

Tim is a specialist in residential construction in Florida. He studied construction engineering, and shares his broad experience on civic networks and business groups around Florida.

Home Raising Academy

Resilient Enterprise Solutions is a proud winner of the 2018 RISE Coastal Community Challenge.

Our mission is to develop a Home Raising Academy to train and support contractors from Hampton Roads Virginia to offer our unique solution.

The Academy will provide for the upskilling of project management and superintendent functions of general contractors and foundation companies holding home elevation prime contracts.

Our program will be raising the bar for training and workforce development in the industry, resulting in safer, more efficient, and lower cost execution of home raising projects as a flood hazard mitigation strategy.

Flood insurance premiums are rising to actuarial rates, and FEMA realizes that proactive flood hazard mitigation is six times cheaper than remedial work.

Our team is proposing this innovative training solution to meet the upcoming sustained increase in demand for improved safety and increased efficiency and affordability of home raising projects over the next decade and beyond.

Home Raising Academy Home Raising Academy

Academy Team

John Sargent

Chief Executive Officer

John has three decades of experience serving in executive management, software development, and business analyst roles in both mature and start-up businesses.

Roderick Scott

Director of Training

Rod has over 30 years of contracting experience, including specializing in historic renovation projects and flood damage repairs of both residential and non-residential structures.

Christine Fulton

VP Government Relations

Christine has led for-profit and non-profit initiatives requiring philanthropic and government funding, developing strategies for elite and national award winning projects.

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Florida’s building code doesn’t take sea rise into account. That could change.

Florida’s building code doesn’t take sea rise into account. That could change.

The last time the Florida building code changed, it required any new construction along the coast to elevate buildings a whole foot. Now, a new study suggests that may not be enough and calls for yet another foot.

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