Home Raising Academy

Resilient Enterprise Solutions is a proud winner of the 2018 RISE Coastal Community Challenge.

Our mission is to develop a Home Raising Academy to train and support contractors from Hampton Roads Virginia to offer our unique solution.

The Academy will provide for the upskilling of project management and superintendent functions of general contractors and foundation companies holding home elevation prime contracts.

Our program will be raising the bar for training and workforce development in the industry, resulting in safer, more efficient, and lower cost execution of home raising projects as a flood hazard mitigation strategy.

Flood insurance premiums are rising to actuarial rates, and FEMA realizes that proactive flood hazard mitigation is six times cheaper than remedial work.

Our team is proposing this innovative training solution to meet the upcoming sustained increase in demand for improved safety and increased efficiency and affordability of home raising projects over the next decade and beyond.

Home Raising Academy Home Raising Academy